Authors: Nicola Rabson, Jean Lovett, Jillian Naylor, Alexandra Beidas, Sinead Casey, Cara Hegarty

UK - At a glance: employment and incentives developments this month (February 2021)

This month our one-page guide includes:

  • Covid-19: Treasury Direction on CJRS extension;
  • Discrimination and harassment: Particular disadvantage; refresher diversity training;
  • Dismissal and disciplinary action: Employer’s grievance procedure;
  • Confidentiality Obligations: Equitable duty of confidence;
  • Financial sector pay: Final draft IDF RTS on MRTs and instruments;
  • Executive pay: Glass Lewis and ISS Covid-19 guidance;
  • ESG: Final report on draft RTS under SFDR; and
  • Corporate Governance: Reporting against the Wates Principles.

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