Magenta Talk Show

Magenta Talk Show - Blank

Can we really change the frame we view things through?

Our Magenta Talk Show 2022 provided an informative and engaging debate regarding the power of our human capabilities.

The programme was full of expert insight and first-class commentary along with practical guidance and real life examples. As we seek to build a better world and a sustainable future, our human skills are needed more than ever in a world dominated by technology. The decisions we make today will determine tomorrow’s outcomes.

The cornerstone of the show was an analysis of how we all operate within our own mental models. By addressing some of the key challenges we face, and examining the frames we look through, humans have the flexibility and power to view things through a different lens. In short, humans can deliver innovative and inspired thinking, machines can’t. 

Magenta TV Show touched on a range of different topics from leadership and decision-making to ESG and diversity and inclusion. It shone a spotlight on the road ahead for businesses and individuals and highlighted the importance of tapping into new ways of thinking and embracing new frames. 

If you missed it or wish to watch again you can access the replay here