Alumni Features

August 2022

What war in Ukraine means for law firms with business between the Danube and the Dnieper

The human catastrophe of the Russian invasion of Ukraine defies description. Almost six months on from its outbreak, the toll of misery shows no sign of abating. Helping clients to navigate any number of issues that have resulted from the war has become a raison d’être for law firms with a strong track record across the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. On the alumni website Warsaw-based partner Dan Cousens talks to us about Linklaters’ strategy across jurisdictions from the Balkans to Turkey and the countries of the former Soviet Union and tries to make sense of an uncertain regional future.

  • Linklaters in southern, Central and Eastern Europe - reassurance amid the turmoil – with Dan Cousens
  • Dan Cousens on his long-term relationship with Central and Eastern Europe