Reduced Equalities

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Equality opportunity

For the International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD), forty of our lawyers from ten offices (including Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris and Warsaw) reviewed reports from UN agencies, NGOs, governments and other sources to analyse legislation and policies giving rise to structural discrimination issues. This information is being used to further ICAAD’s work and partnerships globally.


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is one of the Linklaters top priorities. Being leaders in D&I is integral to our firm's overall success in attracting and retaining the best talent, creating the environment where merit truly exists, and allows us to offer our clients the most creative and innovative solutions. We were delighted to be the very first recipient of the National Equality Standard in the UK and share such learning across our network to ensure we remain at the forefront of ensuring equal opportunity for all.