The Linklaters Foundation makes a commitment to the Army Museum

The Linklaters Foundation chose to support the Army Museum by aiding in the creation of an educational and playful programme whose theme is at the heart of the school curriculum. The Army Museum, located in the Hôtel national des Invalides, was founded in 1905 and retraces France’s military history, and that of its heroes, from the Middle Ages to the current day.

This project is part of the Museum’s collections dedicated to the Second World War.

This initiative has the intention of promoting a new approach to the teaching of the Second World War to the younger generation.

This educational exploit is fully in line with the missions and pro bono activity of the Linklaters Foundation: to initiate, promote or assist feats aimed at promoting cultural and educational solidarity in France.

This project of reorganisation will include an interactive space with the use of objects (such as helmets and other equipment) where young visitors will learn about the kit of combatants from the main warring nations, including a device to transmit a coded message in the same way as the Resistance fighters did. There will also be a relaxation area, where a selection of books, magazines, comic books, games, figurines and sets will be at the disposal of both children and adults.

The Army Museum

The Army Museum holds one of the richest collections of military history in the world with nearly 500,000 pieces. The Museum’s goal is to provide the entire public with a better knowledge of military history and of our own country’s history.
The Army Museum wants to enhance its collections by improving their visitors’ experiences, especially those of its younger visitors, whether they are with their families or on a school trip. The Museum is, therefore, pursuing an important mediation policy for its younger visitors.

The Linklaters Foundation

In line with the initiatives undertaken to date, and the firm’s values of innovation and creativity, the Linklaters Foundation, chaired by Anne Wachsmann-Guigon and launched in 2015, acts according to two cornerstones: solidarity teaching aimed at combatting the various forms of exclusion through education (support from the Ecole de la 2ème chance, the Réseau Etincelle, etc.) and cultural sponsorship which promotes artistic development both in terms of creativity (partner in the Picasso Bleu et rose exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in 2018) and education (Le Bal et le Source).