Delivering Efficiency Across Litigation, Arbitration & Investigations

In-house teams are facing increasing demands to effectively manage legal spend, a more rigorous focus on internal risk management and an expanding scope of the role of legal counsel in their businesses.

We seek to address these needs and pressures by ensuring a tailored approach for each of the matters we work on, whilst maintaining innovation, quality, efficiency and cost control at the core of all we do.

We have developed a multi-faceted and innovative response that is structured around three core elements:

  • How we manage work for our clients
  • How we resource this work
  • How we use innovation, technology and knowledge
How we manage your work

Enhancing efficiency and innovation is a key objective for us, at all levels within the firm. Our lawyers work closely with our business management, finance and project management teams on an ongoing basis to identify ways to improve efficiency, encourage and develop new initiatives and deliver the best possible service to clients. We have developed a multi-faceted and innovative approach to deliver matters in a timely and efficient manner. This is structured around using LegalTech, rigorous project management and balanced resourcing.

How we resource your work

Through the use of process mapping tools and techniques and real time collaboration with clients, we develop frameworks that set out the optimal resourcing for key matter types.

How we use innovation, technology and knowledge

The use of bespoke technology underpins all our work, with a number of innovative tools being used regularly across various matters.

Linklaters places a high value on both developing the knowledge and skills of every individual and, crucially, sharing our knowledge across the global firm – our collective knowledge is a key asset.

We capitalise on our 30-year investment in knowledge which enables us to provide our services to clients more quickly and with less effort, by not re-inventing the wheel but learning from others and our collective expertise. This investment is core to our culture and has a direct impact on the quality of our lawyers and our efficiency in delivering client service and reducing risk – legal, financial and reputational.

Linklaters was named as the Most Innovative European Law Firm 2016 by the Financial Times and efficiency was highlighted as being a key driving force:

"Linklaters, top of this year's FT 50, has embedded efficiency so firmly into its business that it is changing the culture of the organisation and the way its lawyers think about their work and clients."