Listen Up! – whistleblowing is a two-way street

Continuing our series of blogs focussing on effective whistleblowing arrangements, we are pleased to share a video and podcast of my discussion with Dr Wim Vandekerckhove, an academic from the faculty of Business at the University of Greenwich, about implementing effective “speak-up” arrangements.

Unusually, Dr Vandekerckhove’s recent research has focussed on speak-up arrangements from the perspective of the recipient of a concern.

In our conversation we discuss a number of topics including the findings of Linklaters’ recent FTSE100 research and the trends and developments it identified.

We also consider the different ways companies can operate a “speak up” arrangement, what works well and what can create challenges - as well as how companies can measure “success”.

You can listen to our full discussion in our podcast, or watch a summary of the key takeaways in our short video. 

We hope you enjoy the discussion and that you find it interesting and thought-provoking!