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Business and Human Rights

In our podcast series ‘Human Rights: What does it mean for businesses?’ we explored some of the key themes that businesses need to be aware of. We received a number of questions in response to the series and with further developments on the horizon we thought we’d continue the conversation by answering your questions.

What are the obligations imposed by the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime?
What are the major business and human rights developments in the United States?
What’s on the horizon in Italy for climate change litigation and human rights?
How do I ensure business and human rights compliance along the entire supply chain – i.e. beyond direct suppliers?
What is the impact of Brexit on the claims we have seen brought in the UK courts against parent companies in respect of alleged business and human rights issues abroad?


With the ESG megatrend driving the idea of an increased sphere of corporate responsibility for impacts on stakeholders – what can businesses do ahead of time to help if things go wrong?

We’ll be continuing to answer more questions so stay tuned!

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