A new era of liberalised inbound investment

A new era dawns

Linklaters is honoured to have been invited again to the China Development Forum, a gathering of many of the most senior businesspeople and policymakers in the world, taking place in Beijing on 23-25 March. 

The Forum’s theme of “Greater Opening Up for Win-Win Cooperation” comes in parallel with the signing of China’s new Foreign Investment Law, which is set to liberalise inbound investment into China significantly.

Hear Charlie Jacobs, Senior Partner interviewed on CGTN (International Channel of China Central Television).

Historic inbound M&A dealflow ($bn)

Inbound M&A into China reached a record level of $56bn in 2018.

Inbound M&A deal flow ($bn)


M&A deal flow ($bn)

An unprecedented opportunity

Linklaters analysis suggests that the new Foreign Investment Law, coupled with the ongoing reduction in China’s negative list (the list of industries into which foreign investment is restricted or prohibited) will help to usher in a new era of inbound investment into China: potentially $1.5 trillion of inbound M&A over the following 10 years. This is more than triple in the level of the preceding 10 years.

china inbound investment set to triple 2020-2029