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Crypto Facto with Josh and Jonathan

In this podcast series, Linklaters New York's Josh Klayman and Jonathan Ching share their hot takes on the biggest legal issues impacting the digital assets and tech world.


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Episode 2

The Unbanking of Crypto

In this episode, Josh and Jonathan unpack the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank. With the three banks most associated with digital assets no longer up and running, has crypto been unbanked for good? Did Jerome Powell himself set the first domino in motion? Did VCs pressure the government into covering their deposits? What could have been if they hadn’t? How will this impact future digital asset and banking regulation? While the downfall of these banks highlight some negative realities of fractionalized reserve banking, could this be crypto’s moment to shine? Listen to Josh and Jonathan’s hot takes now.

Episode 1

Everything but Bitcoin

In the inaugural episode of Crypto Facto with Josh and Jonathan, our hosts tackle the SEC’s latest signaling on digital asset regulation and enforcement. Does SEC Chair Gary Gensler plan to treat everything but Bitcoin as a security? Under the proposed amendments to the Custody Rule, who will qualify as a custodian of digital assets? Is the SEC coming for staking as a service, layer 1s and other token issuers, and even NFTs? Listen now for Josh and Jonathan’s hot takes.

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