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The Bottom Line.


5 things you need to know about different financing options

A podcast by our German structured finance team


This is The Bottom Line., a podcast hosted by experts from Linklaters’ German structured finance team, which gives insights to different financing options. Each episode covers 5 key things you need to know about a specific financing option including its functionality, target group, volumes and potential investors. We will be welcoming clients and market participants to talk about their experiences with these financing options. Our experts will offer practical tips, explore current market trends and analyse recent legal developments.

The Bottom Line.

Episode 5: STS and Third Party Verification

Speakers: Jördis Heckt-Harbeck, Kai Erik Ackermann and Michael Osswald (STS Verification International)

In this episode our hosts Jördis and Kai discuss STS (Simple, Transparent, and Standardised) securitisation with Michael Osswald, the managing director at STS Verification International. After exploring what STS actually means, they delve into the role of third-party verifiers in assessing a securitisation transaction's compliance with STS criteria laid down in the EU securitisation regulation. They further discuss the benefits for investors and the challenges faced by first-time issuers. They also touch on the topic of the future of STS securitisation for private deals, synthetic transactions, and the provision of environmental performance data for auto loans, residential loans, and leases.

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Episode 4: The Bottom Line goes TSI

Speakers: Burkhard Rinne, Jördis Heckt-Harbeck, Nicki Kayser, Adrian Danciu, Sebastian Witte, Annelie Laura Utech

In this episode you will hear from different colleagues from our European structured finance team. We will share our key take-aways from the TSI congress, the German ABS conference, which took place in Berlin at the end of September. Tune in to find out more about the current market interest in regulatory capital relief, refinanceable credit card business models, securitisation legislation in Luxembourg – and what sports and music may have to do with ABS.

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Episode 3: Synthetic Securitisation

Speakers: Kai Erik Ackermann, Burkhard Rinne and Falk Weishaupt

Tune in to this new episode about one of the current hot topics in the market: synthetic securitisation. Our host Kai Erik Ackermann is joined by Burkhard Rinne, partner in our German structured finance group, and one of our clients, Falk Weishaupt, head of legal capital markets at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW). They discuss the benefits, typical investors, asset classes, common structures of synthetic securitisations and recent developments in the market as well as potential challenges for an originating bank when setting up these transactions.

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Episode 2: Green Securitisation

Speakers: Jördis Heckt-Harbeck and Barbara Lauer

In this episode our host Jördis Heckt-Harbeck is joined by our German structured finance partner Barbara Lauer to highlight 5 key things you need to know about green securitisation. They discuss the impact of the upcoming European Green Bond Framework for securitisations, explore market standardisation frameworks, such as the ICMA Green Bond Principles, and analyse emerging  new asset classes such as solar panels and heat pumps. Our experts further dive into the involvement of EU institutions in funding sustainable projects.

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Episode 1: Securitisation

Speakers: Jördis Heckt-Harbeck and Kai Ackermann

Join us in this episode as we explore the first financing instrument: securitisation. We will discover the basic structure and spotlight certain key features such as using a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and implementing a payment waterfall. We will also discuss potential implications of an insolvency of the receivables seller or the SPV Lastly, we will highlight the advantages of a securitisation for both, investors and sellers. 

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Intro: Welcome to The Bottom Line.

Speakers: Jördis Heckt-Harbeck and Kai Ackermann 

Welcome to "The Bottom Line." A brand-new podcast presented by our hosts Jördis Heckt-Harbeck and Kai Erik Ackermann from our German structured finance group. Embark on a captivating journey through different financing options, market trends and related hot topics for companies in every stage from start-ups to established market participants and their financiers. This debut episode will introduce our hosts and the concept of this podcast series.

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