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Digital wellbeing — or how to be ‘smart’ with your smartphone

Speakers: Nicola Raw and Ian Rodwell

Is your phone the first and last thing you check every day? Do you find yourself constantly reaching for your phone, or worse still, feel uncomfortable when you’re without it? If so, this is the episode for you. Join us as we explore what digital wellbeing is and why it is so crucial to both our work and non-work lives. We delve into the effects of social media on our cognitive processing and look at some practical ways to ensure we are in control of our devices — and not the other way around.

Key sources for this episode include:

  • Matthew Walker – Why We Sleep
  • Catherine Price – How to break up with your phone
  • Ward et al. (2017) ‘Brain drain: The mere presence of one’s own smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity’, Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2(2).

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