Shared Parental Leave

The introduction of shared parental leave (SPL) is perhaps the biggest change to the structure of family leave that has ever been seen in the UK. Parents of babies due, or children placed for adoption, from 5 April 2015 will be entitled to a combined 50 weeks of leave which parents can take at the same time or independently of one another.

Linklaters’ research shows high levels of employee interest, suggesting that take-up is likely to exceed government forecasts. The results of the survey show that the availability of additional pay will influence whether employees who are interested in taking up SPL actually do so. Other factors, including the perception of SPL by management and its popularity amongst colleagues will also be relevant. Many employers will be keen to endorse the right to SPL, as part of a wider objective to promote a diverse workforce and further the agenda of encouraging women into senior positions. What should employers take account of when considering the impact of SPL on their organisation?

If you would like to discuss our findings in more detail or would like to discuss how SPL will affect you as an employer, please contact us.