Celebrating China Connect Schemes: 10 Years of Growth and Innovation

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the China Connect Scheme, which has transformed and revolutionised the face of Capital Markets in Greater China. Linklaters lawyers who have been involved in establishing these Schemes since their inception, from Stock Connect (2014) to Bond Connect (2017) and then to Swap Connect (2023), will recap on the key legal foundation and unifying legal concepts for these innovative schemes under Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China law.

The session will cover:  

China Connect – a star is born

  • Northbound and Southbound
  • Home vs. host market rules

Stock Connect

  • Beneficial ownership conundrum
  • Primary market trading
  • China legal regulatory issues for Northbound trading

Bond Connect

  • Tri-party collateral arrangements
  • Mobilising CGBs
  • Southbound Bond Connect

Swap Connect

  • Inter-CCP collateral arrangements
  • Participating margins

More Connect Schemes?

1 Law Society of Hong Kong accredited CPD point is being applied for.