Belgium - To watch: new energy efficiency obligations for real estate located in the Flemish region

The Flemish decree of 30 October 2020 introduces a legal framework in the Flemish Energy Decree of 8 May 2009 which allows new obligations to be imposed for real estate located in the Flemish region. This new legal framework was adopted to implement either the Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings (as amended by the Directive 2018/844/EU) (the latter required such transposition by 10 March 2020) or the Flemish coalition agreement 2019-2024. 

Some of these new obligations still need to be implemented by a decision of the Flemish Government

  • Obligation to renovate non-residential buildings within a certain period after the notarial deed of sale or of vesting of long-term lease or building rights
  • Obligation to provide for building automation and control systems by 31 December 2025 for certain non-residential buildings
  • Obligation to install electromobility infrastructure in buildings (new and existing)

To read more, please see also our attached document.