The smarter way to negotiate contracts


Far too much time is spent by lawyers during contract negotiation on repetitive tasks to get parties to a final agreement. 

CreateiQ helps automate all stages in one workflow, whether it's creating an initial contract draft to send out, the negotiation and redrafting of provisions in the agreement or the execution of a contract. 

Parties using the platform spend more time on important work, contracts are agreed faster and are completely accurate every time. 


up to 9.2%

of annual revenue costs businesses due to ineffective contract management



of organisations found it difficult or impossible to run reports that share information about terms in their contracts 



Fortune 500 companies are using the platform today



Unlocking data 

It's not just the contracting process that changes. The platform allows companies to extract and use their legal data - something that wasn't possible before. 

Whether it's automating post-completion items after agreement, generating reports that summarises corporate contracts or something else entirely - CreateiQ makes it happen. 

CreateiQ is used by nearly 30 companies in the Fortune 500, and 6 of the 10 largest banks by assets


Expertise at Scale 

CreateiQ is a completely unique legaltech proposition. It has been developed in-house by Linklaters > Nakhoda, the internal start-up of one of the world's leading law firms. The team has practical insights into what in-house lawyers and companies need.

CreateiQ is a contract negotiation process from a magic circle law firm, but at scale.

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