Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and corruption can threaten the core integrity of your business. Jurisdictions are increasingly pursuing robust enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption laws such as the UK Bribery Act and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, while the number of actions and level of fines imposed continue to grow. Meanwhile, authorities are increasingly sharing intelligence, resulting in complex multi-jurisdictional matters that require a global perspective coupled with extensive local expertise.

Our experienced anti-bribery and corruption team includes seasoned private practitioners and high-profile former prosecutors from the major enforcement authorities across Europe and the United States. Our team has handled misconduct allegations in every region of the world and we offer worldwide services to match: 24/7 global support from 30 integrated offices across the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East.

We can provide clear, principled and informed advice to you at any stage of a bribery and corruption scenario, from immediate crisis management to internal investigation, interfacing and negotiating with authorities and defending you against enforcement actions. We also work to restore your business’ reputation and insulate it from future risk and can manage the ancillary impact of bribery and corruption issues, including remediation, monitorship, governance and shareholder litigation.

Whether you are dealing with an existing bribery and corruption issue or looking to prevent problems in the future, our team will provide the expertise, advocacy and innovative thinking required to protect your business and put it on sounder footing for the future.