Alternative Legal Services

We understand the contexts in which our clients operate and how these are constantly shifting. As circumstances change, we offer a range of alternative resourcing solutions for when our clients need it most – from paralegals and support lawyers to legal project managers.

Our support lawyers and paralegals deliver high quality work in an efficient way by ensuring that the right work is done at the right level. We support our clients to structure the best resourcing model for their matter. This may include embedding members of the global Paralegals and Support Lawyers team into matter teams to work alongside lawyers within the practice. When it is in our client’s best interest, we will leverage our relationships with legal process outsourcing providers or other law firms to deliver legal work at the best value.

Our Legal Technology Application team utilises a range of products and platforms to streamline, automate and facilitate legal tasks which historically have been completed manually. 

The portfolio harnesses AI tools, bespoke and 'off-the shelf' software, and in-house designed Linklaters technology, to support transactional and non-transactional matters. Providing an end-to-end service, our dedicated team leverage specialist expertise to understand client needs, provide advice and implement solutions, to realise significant matter efficiencies.

Our Legal Project Management capability is key in creating further service delivery efficiencies without compromising Linklaters’ high standard of quality. Legal project management (LPM) is the application of traditional project management techniques by professionally-qualified individuals to support more efficient delivery of client matters. Our LPM team is able to provide support at all stages of the matter lifecycle. From the very start, we work alongside the legal team to understand our client’s objectives and define the scope of the matter, in order to optimise the support and benefits LPM can provide. Utilising LPM has resulted in substantial benefits for both our clients and our lawyers.

The Re:link network connects our thriving community of market-leading contract lawyers with high-profile assignments to meet the immediate business needs of our clients, across a broad range of specialist expertise.

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