Listen Up! A global perspective

Earlier this year, we published the results of our research into the whistleblowing arrangements in place at publicly listed companies in the UK, across Europe and in Asia-Pacific. Following that research, we spoke to our colleagues around the world to get their views on whistleblowing trends in their jurisdictions.

A recap of our research

In 2014 we conducted research into FTSE100 and European listed companies, looking at the extent to which large organisations had publicly visible reporting or whistleblowing channels. In late 2018 we refreshed our research, and also looked for the first time at the publicly available information on whistleblowing arrangements within APAC public companies.

Our research showed some interesting trends, which Jillian Naylor summarised for the UK, Europe and APAC on this blog earlier this year. Visit our new Listen Up! campaign website, where you can find out more.

Global trends

Following our research, we spoke to some of our colleagues around the world, to find out more about the whistleblowing trends in their jurisdictions, including:

  • how developed whistleblowing is as a concept
  • regulators’ views of whistleblowing
  • how attitudes to whistleblowers have changed
  • views on confidential and anonymous whistleblowing

You can view the video below.



Our recently launched Listen Up! campaign website has a number of resources for employers who are focussed on effective whistleblowing management.