Intersectionality in the workplace

In our latest Diversity Faculty podcast episodes, we explore intersectionality and the role it plays in a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Intersectionality is the idea that people have more than one identity. And those identities are inherently combined. This means that many forms of discrimination – such as classism, ableism and homophobia – might be present and active at the same time in a person’s life. 

Many workplace approaches to building inclusion tend to focus on one type of discrimination and work to address that specific inequity. But while the career of a young white woman might improve with the development of gender equality targets and mentorship schemes, an older Muslim, Pakistani woman may continue to face Islamophobia, racism and ageism in the workplace.

You can listen to our latest and previous podcast episodes here

Episode 9 – Introduction to intersectionality 
What is intersectionality and what role does it plays in creating equity in the workplace? We also look at how intersectionality is protected under English law and examples of the approach taken by the tribunals to tackle successful cases claiming direct intersectional discrimination in relation to multiple protected characteristics in the absence of specific dual discrimination laws.

Episode 10 – Intersectionality in the workplace
What are the practical issues employers encounter in relation to intersectionality and what can they do to address them? How can employers embrace the multifaceted identities of employees to foster inclusion? And what does the future hold – is a legal change on the horizon?