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ESG Media Hub

ESG Media Hub

Welcome to the media hub for Linklaters' global ESG practice. On this page you can access videos, webinars and podcasts in which experts from around the world discuss the key ESG issues of today.

Running the greenwashing gauntlet:

Exploring the litigation and regulatory risks

In this podcast series, members of our cross-practice Linklaters ESG team will be looking at the many forms greenwashing risk can take, how these risks can evolve and how they can be mitigated.

EU CSRD demystified:

Exploring the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

In this podcast series, we explore different aspects of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) – including who the regime applies to and when, an explanation of “double materiality” and the ESRS reporting standards.

ESG Soundbite Series:

Exploring ESG

Want to know more about ESG in a quick and digestible way? In this ongoing series of bite-sized podcasts and videocasts our ESG team discuss the hottest topics in ESG. These conversational-style videos will cover a wide range of ESG topics from sustainable finance to business and human rights.

Human rights: What does it mean for businesses?:

Exploring business and human rights

In this podcast series we explore a number of key business and human rights themes that businesses need to be aware of.

ESG and Private Equity:

In conversation with Montagu

In this mini podcast series James Marlow sits down with Kim Woehl and Abhishek Kumar at Montagu to discuss Montagu’s ESG journey, including their ESG strategy, having science-based targets, and ESG at the investment stage and portfolio company level.

ESG Summer School 2022:

Exploring ESG Disclosures

In this soundbites series we explore a number of different climate change and sustainability disclosure frameworks across the globe that businesses need to be aware of, including in the EU, UK, US and the global TCFD and ISSB frameworks.

ESG Video Series

Explore our ESG webinars and videos
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