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ESG and Private Equity: In conversation with Montagu

In this mini podcast series James Marlow sits down with Kim Woehl and Abhishek Kumar at Montagu to discuss Montagu’s ESG journey, including their ESG strategy, having science-based targets, and ESG at the investment stage and portfolio company level.

More about Montagu

Montagu is a leading mid-market private equity firm, committed to finding and growing businesses that make the world work. Focussing on businesses with a must-have product or service in a structurally growing marketplace, Montagu brings proven growth capabilities to help companies achieve their ambitions and unlock their full potential. Montagu specialises in carve-out and other first time buyout investments and has deep expertise in five priority sectors: Healthcare, Financial Sector Services, Critical Data, Digital Infrastructure and Education. ESG forms an integral part of its strategy, and its commitment to sustainable investment is fully integrated into its investment and value-creation process. Montagu partners with companies with enterprise values between €150 million and €2 billion and has €11bn assets under management. 

In conversation with Montagu – The what, the why and the journey so far #1

In this podcast, James Marlow welcomes Kim Woehl (ESG Principal) and Abhishek Kumar (Investment Manager) from Montagu, for a discussion about Montagu’s ESG journey. We look at why ESG matters to Montagu and the pivotal milestones. 

In conversation with Montagu – Setting science-based targets #2

For the second episode in this mini-series, James is re-joined by Kim and Abhishek from Montagu to discuss Montagu’s science-based targets in more detail, including the targets themselves, why they have been introduced, the key challenges faced in setting the targets and how Montagu is working with portfolio companies on their own targets.

In conversation with Montagu – Factoring ESG into portfolio management #3

In the final podcast in this mini-series, James and Kim and Abhishek from Montagu discuss ESG at the investment stage and portfolio company level. We discuss how ESG features in deal origination, investment decision-making and ongoing engagement with, and monitoring of, investees. 

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