Real Estate Talking Points: Planning 2020

Interim Report of the Raynsford Review

"Planning at its best has a vital and transformational role to play in securing the long-term wellbeing of our communities through the delivery of sustainable development...

...But today planning in England is in a pretty rough place. The planning service is underfunded; its staff are often demoralised; its very purpose is questioned by powerful lobbies; and its processes are criticised as slow, bureaucratic and out of touch with people’s lives."

Nick Raynsford (former Minister for Housing and Planning and the President of the Town and Country Planning Association) is currently heading a task force (known as the Raynsford Review) whose mission is “to provide a holistic appraisal of the kind of planning system that England needs”.

In this alert Louise Samuel and Charles Jennings summarise the key points of the Planning 2020; Interim Report of the Raynsford Review.

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