Activism Rising

Shareholder activism has increased globally by 88% since 2010. An established phenomenon in corporate America, shareholder activism is now on the rise in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Research commissioned by Linklaters shows that activists are launching more campaigns, setting their sights on larger companies, and targeting more varied industries than ever before.

Most listed companies have rehearsed how to deal with an offer, but are you prepared for an activist approach? What will you do if one comes tomorrow? Linklaters has explored the issues that companies need to consider in order to be ready. 

The economic merits of shareholder activism remain contentious. Nonetheless, activism is a phenomenon likely to grow and boards need to know when and how to respond.

As shareholder activism goes mainstream, research commissioned by Linklaters shows the diversity of tactics employed by activists across a range of sectors, and emphasises why appropriate dialogue and engagement with activists and other shareholders can ensure better outcomes.