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Driverless Cars

Developments and opportunities for infrastructure players


The advent of driverless cars promises a fundamental transformation of the way we transport people and goods, how we spend time, and how we organise cities, landscapes and economic infrastructure. New regulation across the globe to support the development of driverless cars promises to unlock significant economic opportunities for investors, potentially worth trillions of dollars if the knock-on impacts of the development of driverless cars are considered.

Opportunities for infrastructure operators

Car Parks

Self-parking technology provides car park operators with the opportunity to increase revenue per square metre and provide new premium-priced parking experiences.

Communication towers

Increasingly autonomous driving will drive demand for mobile data from the passenger and the car and, in due course, vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Road Providers

The value from self-driving vehicles will be shared between stakeholders including car manufacturers, software providers, telecoms infrastructure providers and road infrastructure providers.

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