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The collaborative solution for handling investigations

Investigations, either internal or external, often pose significant legal and reputational risks to businesses. Despite their importance, the process of investigating can often feel cumbersome and stuck in the past.

Different types of documents may be stored in separate databases; paper interviews bundles may be annotated individually by each member of the team; and chronologies may be manually produced in Microsoft Word or Excel, a time-consuming process where the chronology is disconnected from the evidence it draws together.

As a result of this, the investigation process can feel inefficient and disconnected.

Since recognising this problem, Linklaters have been working in close collaboration with Opus 2 to develop a solution that can solve these problems. The idea behind Opus 2 Investigations is simple: to be the tool that draws together the key evidence on an investigation and enable the investigation teams – both external lawyers and their clients – to collaborate better and investigate more effectively and efficiently.


A game-changing technology

Providing lawyers & clients a flexible and connected way of working throughout the lifecycle of an investigation.


Better all-round collaboration

A central cloud based platform for easy upload of key documents.

Opus 2 Investigations facilitates the organisation, structure and planning of the case or investigation. All the key evidence is stored in one secure, virtual space.


Improved client experience

Quick & seamless collaboration between lawyers, clients and third parties.

Opus 2 Investigations allows parties to highlight the key passages in evidence, either for themselves, others or the entire team.


Automation of manual tasks

Automation of many of the manual processes on an investigation.

Opus 2 Investigations allows the automated creation of chronologies, incorporating documentary and witness evidence which links to the underlying materials. Clients and their lawyers can exchange reflections on the evidence within the platform: capturing the thoughts of the investigation team in one place. Interview bundles can be produced and shared securely in a matter of clicks, negating the need to print paper copies.


Opus 2 Investigations streamlines the whole process and makes it much more efficient.

Managing Associate, FRG




Effective implementation of Opus 2 Investigations would be an absolute game-changer to the way we manage contentious matters.

Associate, Dispute Resolution



Key benefits

Create and update chronologies

Creating a chronology from scratch is a time-intensive process involving manually ordering hundreds of documents and referencing the key interview evidence. Opus 2 Investigations automates and streamlines much of this. What’s more, Opus 2 Investigations automatically updates the chronology as new documents and interview evidence are uploaded.

Prepare bundles

Producing hardcopy bundles is a manual process involving printing, collating and tabbing documents and creating an index from scratch. Opus 2 Investigations removes this manual burden, enabling the easy production of e-bundles with a hyperlinked index. It also eliminates the tasks of manually updating and reprinting multiple hard copies. Bundles can then be shared with third parties, such as witnesses, through a secure portal: allowing witness interviews to be undertaken remotely while minimising the data security risks involved in shared materials with a third party.

Collaborating on the case

A huge volume of material is often gathered in an investigation. In the past, much of this material would be reviewed in hard-copy: with lawyers annotating paper interview bundles. One document may appear in several interview bundles: each time requiring the lawyer to either repeat their annotations or go without. Opus 2 Investigations means that the team – both at Linklaters and the client – can all view one version of each document, no matter how many interview bundles it appears in. They can see the interview evidence that mentions the document. Without having to manually search through interview transcripts or note and the team can then share highlights and annotations with one another: identifying trains of inquiry and aspects to investigate further.


Opus 2 Investigations – Flyer

This brochure provides an overview of the tool and its core benefits.

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