Asia Bitesize Antitrust

Antitrust is as diverse as the region

Antitrust has gained significant attention in recent years amongst the public and within the business community across the Asia Pacific region. Particularly with the emergence of new regulators and more vigorous and active enforcement, competition law is now a key compliance topic that remains on the top of the board agenda.

In each bitesize episode we invite specialists on the ground from across Linklaters Asia and from our friends in Allens Australia and Vietnam to talk about the most recent antitrust and foreign investment developments in 7 key APAC jurisdictions.

This interactive podcast series brings you up to speed by diving into what’s truly meaningful to your daily business operations and your strategic next steps in the world’s most dynamic region. Stay tuned as we continue to add to this series.


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Episode 1 – The Asia Patchwork

Speakers: Vivian Cao, Kathleen Gooi and Marcus Pollard

In this introductory episode, Vivian Cao, Kathleen Gooi and Marcus Pollard from our Asia Antitrust and Foreign Investment team will give a snapshot of some of the key updates and enforcement trends from around the region.

Episode 2 – Hong Kong SAR

Speakers: Kathleen Gooi and Marcus Pollard

Our Hong Kong competition specialists Kathleen Gooi and Marcus Pollard will give an overview of the key updates and enforcement trends in Hong Kong.

Episode 3 – Australia

Speakers: Marcus PollardRobert Walker (Allens) and Felicity McMahon (Allens)

In this episode, Robert Walker and Felicity McMahon, from Allens' Competition, Consumer and Regulatory practice, are invited to discuss with Marcus Pollard the current priorities of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and its proposals of implementing changes to the merger regime in Australia. Our experts share their views on the rationale behind, the implications, and the next steps they anticipate to see. Listen and stay on top of the potential transformation of one of the most active and established competition regulators in the region.

Episode 4 – Thailand

Speakers: Sutthipong Koohasaneh and Kathleen Gooi

In this episode, our Bangkok-based partner Sutthipong Koohasaneh gives an update on Thailand’s merger control regime and shares with Kathleen Gooi about some of the most distinctive characteristics of the Office of the Trade Competition Commission’s enforcement, known to be active in both behavioural matters and merger control review, under the new Trade Competition Act. Listen now and get up to speed on what you need to know about the latest competition landscape in Thailand as it now emerged as one of the key competition law jurisdictions in Asia.

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