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UK Competition Litigation Podcast Series

In this bite-sized podcast series, our UK competition litigation team discusses the hottest topics in UK competition litigation right now. These weekly podcasts will provide commentary and insights on important contentious competition issues, including collective actions, litigation funding, and each of the key phases of a competition litigation.

 Our UK Competition Litigation series is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  Spotify    

Introducing our Competition Litigation Podcast Series

Speakers: Sarina Williams and James Hennah

In the first episode, Sarina Williams and James Hennah explain what we mean by “competition litigation”, the types of conduct that can lead to private enforcement damages claims, the types of claims that can be brought, and the particularities of the UK legal system that have made it one of the most popular forums for competition damages in the world.

Litigation Funding

Speakers: Tom Cassels, James Hennah, Simon Latham

In the second episode, we focus on the developments in the Litigation Funding market. Tom Cassels and James Hennah are joined by Simon Latham from Augusta Ventures who provides valuable insights from a funder’s perspective.

Collective Actions

Speakers: Sarina Williams, James Hennah and Lesley Hannah

In the third episode, we discuss the rise of collective actions for competition damages claims in the UK, including the Merricks, Le Patourel and boundary fares certification decisions. Sarina Williams and James Hennah are joined by Lesley Hannah from Hausfeld LLP, who provides key insights from a claimant perspective.


Speakers: Sarina Williams and Haidee Barratt

In the fourth episode, Sarina Williams and Haidee Barratt discuss what ‘limitation’ means, why it’s important, and the key statutory rules and court decisions which determine limitation periods applicable to competition damages claims in the UK.

Applicable Law

Speakers: Tom Cassels and Jason Shardlow-Wrest 

In the fifth episode, Tom Cassels and Jason Shardlow-Wrest discuss what ‘applicable law’ means, and how issues of applicable law might arise in competition litigation.


Speakers: Harriet Ellis, James Hennan and Alice Shaw

In the sixth episode, Harriet Ellis, James Hennah and Alice Shaw discuss the English courts approach to jurisdiction in competition litigation claims.

Disclosure and Confidentiality

Speakers: James Hennah and Alice Shaw

In the seventh episode, James Hennah and Alice Shaw discuss disclosure and confidentiality in competition litigation.

Factual Witness and Expert Evidence

Speakers: Haidee BarrattAlex Hannington and Oliver Latham

In the eighth episode, Haidee Barratt and Alex Hannington are joined by Oliver Latham from Charles River Associates to discuss the role of factual witness and expert evidence in competition claims, taking into account the BritNed decision and the recent CPR and CAT practice directions concerning the preparation of factual witness statements.


Speakers: Sarina WilliamsJason Shardlow-Wrest and Iona McCall 

In the ninth episode, Sarina Williams and Jason Shardlow-Wrest are joined by Iona McCall from AlixPartners to discuss the role of “pass-on” in competition damages claims.

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