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Work It Out

The Employment Q&A Series

Work It Out: The Employment Q&A Series

In this bite-sized podcast series, Partners from our UK Employment & Incentives practice answer a series of questions on some of the most topical, contentious, and challenging areas of HR and employment law. From the use of AI in the workplace, to the investigating NED and ongoing tensions around remote and hybrid working, you can listen to the views of our employment law Partners as we regularly release new episodes covering some of the most complex issues and developments which impact the world of work. 

Episode one: AI in the workplace.

Speakers: Sinead Casey, Laurie Ollivent

In this episode, Sinead Casey is asked a series of questions about AI in the workplace, including why employers should be considering its use now, the employment legal risks of employers using AI and the risks of AI being a tool used by the wider workforce, and how employers reassure their workforces that their jobs will not be displaced by robots.

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Episode two: The Investigating NED. 

Speakers: Nick Marshall, Laurie Ollivent

In this episode, Nick Marshall is asked a series of questions about the role of non-executive directors to investigate and make decisions about workplace issues, from grievances to disciplinaries, to complaints from whistleblowers and investigations into workplace culture. Nick is asked to explain what makes NEDs well-placed to take on this role, what will be expected of them, and if there is a risk of a conflict with their existing non-executive duties and responsibilities.

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