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Innovation – Big ideas beyond big tech

We see innovative thinking as critical to deliver greater efficiencies and better outcomes. And, with dedicated Innovation Teams in place, we have the skills and the resources to answer a key question: ‘can we do this a better way?’ Here’s what we found.

Innovative thinking 

Nicki Kayser, National Managing Partner

Innovation, whether truly transformative technologies or small changes that deliver better outcomes, is driven by people – those with questions and those with answers. Our Innovation Teams are helping to turn ideas into realities. 

Smarter ways to work

Silke Bernard, Partner, Investment Funds, Joakim-Antoine Charvet, Partner, Tax, Sylvie Forastier, Innovation and Information Management Specialist

Fast, efficient document and information management is critical in delivering a speedy, professional service.  Find out how our innovative solutions can transform tedious tasks into a streamlined, automated process. 

General collaboration  

Catherine Kremer, Managing Associate, Corporate M&A, Colas Surot, Associate, Sylvie Forastier, Innovation and Information Management Specialist

In today’s multi-generational work force innovation can play a key role in ensuring real collaboration and deeper connection across the age spectrum. Here’s how. 

The power of innovation 

Louis-Eudes Giroux, Associate, Dispute Resolution, Sylvie Forastier, Innovation and Information Management Specialist

Time is a valuable resource that is often overlooked. But when there is not enough time to complete jobs properly, innovation solutions are available to optimize processes. Our Case Tracking Tool was developed to cooperate more efficiently with our clients. 

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