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Summer’s Top Antitrust and Foreign Investment Stories 2023

2023 has been a busy year so far. As summer approaches, it’s time to take stock of some of the key global developments from the past few months and consider the impact on business going forward. 

As the cost-of living crisis continues to influence the direction of competition policy, businesses active in consumer industries can expect heightened scrutiny. Regulators globally are prioritising cartel enforcement through raids and whistleblowing incentives, while clamping down on misinformation and HR restrictions. But there is opportunity too, with increasing openness from certain (albeit, not all) authorities to sustainability initiatives.

In the digital sphere, investigations continue to rumble on globally - with some authorities willing to push boundaries on remedies. But as the DMA rules now start to apply in the EU, and draft rules are published in the UK, how are businesses reacting?   

Dealmaking will continue to become increasingly complicated, as the pervasive EU foreign subsidies regime kicks in from 12 July. Coupled with lengthy merger control timelines and expanding foreign investment regimes, how will businesses navigate these regulatory hurdles? 

Our Summer publications explore these issues and more, illustrated with recent data on cartel activity, merger and foreign investment trends. Read on to find out more. 


Authorities are focused on enforcing against “profit push” inflation in 2023. How can antitrust agencies achieve this? By focusing on unearthing collusive practices; excessive pricing by dominant firms, and continued intense scrutiny of M&A. Businesses need to keep on top of changes and be alive to this especially in consumer facing markets.” 

Nicole Kar
Linklaters, Global Head of Antitrust and Foreign Investment
Our Summer publications are split between our Antitrust Enforcement Review, focusing on conduct issues, including cartel and dominance enforcement and digital regulation, and our M&A Regulatory Review, which covers merger control, foreign investment and foreign subsidies. Alternatively, you can read our combined publication.

Listen to the content here

If you’d prefer to listen to the content from our Summer’s Top Antitrust and Foreign Investment Stories 2023, you can access audio recordings here

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