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Directors' Remuneration Report

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Directors’ pay policy and disclosure: your unique compliance tool

Updated for 2020 reports and the 2021 AGM season, with March 2021 further updates

Here’s a valuable, simple to use, online tool to help you put together your directors’ remuneration report. This is particularly important for 2020 reports, in view of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This tool enables users to get to grips quickly and easily with the complex and fast-changing topic of pay for directors of quoted companies.

Why use this tool?

This is an essential knowledge and training tool as well as a practical guide to the law and practice in this area. 

By using this tool, companies which need to manage their legal spend carefully can do a first compliance review “in-house”, reducing the level of review required by external lawyers.

This tool has now been updated for 2020 reports and the 2021 AGM season, including investors’ updated and Covid-related guidelines, and the changes implementing the EU rules on directors’ pay in the UK.


Remuneration for directors of public companies has been under relentless political, media and public scrutiny. Companies should expect a great deal of scrutiny on their executive pay response to Covid-19. Companies and remuneration committees must, more than ever, ensure they are rewarding directors appropriately for performance.

There is a plethora of rules around both design and disclosure of directors’ pay: legislation, industry and government guidance, market practice and investors’ expectations. In addition, part of the remuneration report has to be audited.

Look Inside!

Click here to view some pages from the tool, updated for 2020 reports and the 2021 AGM season.

Make sure you click on Notes 4 and 5 in the Remuneration Policy section, and Notes 81 and 103 in the implementation report section!


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This tool has:




Fingertip access to everything you need to put together or update your company’s directors’ remuneration report – whether you are preparing your first report or have done so for a number of years.




Guidance on market and best practice on both pay design and pay disclosure including investors’ and regulators’ views.




Explanations of the law and how to comply with all relevant rules, including the Corporate Governance Code, in the context of investors’ guidance and expectations.




Statutory and regulatory references for all requirements and links to all underlying information.

Special features:

Click on the arrows below to find out about the special features of this tool.

CEO UK employee pay ratios

Pay ratios  

A step by step guide to producing the CEO: UK employee pay ratios table disclosure, including explanation and sample text for the prescribed narrative.

This has been updated for the new requirements which apply in the second compliance year.

Single figure table

Single Figure 

What goes where in the directors’ single figure table, analysing each element of remuneration, including bonuses and share awards, and when it’s to be disclosed.

Forward planning and top tips

Forward planning

Forward planning and top tips for the 2020 reports and 2021 financial years, an essential requirement especially this year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can also download a print-friendly version of the tool to keep.

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