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Financial Regulation Legal Outlook 2024

With a strong focus overall on implementation, there is again a huge volume of financial regulatory developments on the horizon for 2024, many with impacts on the whole financial services sector.

We will see wholesale markets reform continue in the EU as the European regulators get into the policy detail in this space, and we’ll follow key proposals in the EU’s Retail Investment Strategy as they move through the legislative process. In the UK, we’ll follow the journey of the Smarter Regulatory Framework - having promised significant progress on the first two tranches in 2023, the government will be keen to press on in 2024. 

ESG will continue to be an intensely busy area of focus, with changes to corporate reporting regimes, ESG rating providers pulled into the regulatory perimeter, and resolution of contentious issues in relation to environmental and human rights due diligence.  

Cryptoassets will also find themselves further into the regulatory web in the UK and the EU, whilst payments regulation is reshaped with the advancing PSD3. 

This isn’t even the half of it...2024 looks to be a busy year. 

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