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Welcome to the latest edition of Data Protected.

Over the next few months the priority for many businesses based in the European Union, or dealing with citizens in the European Union, is likely to be finalising their preparations for the General Data Protection Regulation. This is the most significant change in privacy regulation in the European Union for over 20 years.

To assist with this process, this edition looks forward to May 2018 and tracks the national laws adopted to help implement the General Data Protection Regulation. Some jurisdictions have now adopted these laws, some have draft laws and some are still considering their position. The position is summarised in this table and we will keep this updated as May 2018 approaches.

The report also provides an update on a number of jurisdictions outside the EU as they continue to develop their own data protection laws.

We hope that this report is useful. If you have suggestions about the report, or any other comments, please let us know.

This report only considers issues arising out of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive as they currently stand, and similar national legislation outside of the European Union. Its purpose is not to provide legal advice or exhaustive information but rather to create awareness of the main rules. Needless to say, each contributing law firm prepared their section of the report. Should you have any questions in connection with the issues raised or if specific advice is needed, please consult one of the lawyers referred to in this report.