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Dawn Raids

Be prepared

Unannounced inspections or dawn raids by antitrust authorities require a rapid and coordinated response. Linklaters has extensive experience of assisting clients with dawn raids, ensuring a unified and efficient response to regulators across multiple jurisdictions and protecting our clients’ rights in any subsequent cartel or other antitrust investigation.

We support you in responding wherever you are, whenever you need us with our multi-jurisdictional Dawn Raid App and our Global 24/7 Hotline (+44 20 7456 5055).

What we do

Foreign Investment & Merger Control

At Linklaters, we have world-leading experience thanks to our dedicated and truly integrated global network. We are continually monitoring developments in this rapidly evolving area in order to remain ahead of the curve. We offer clients a one stop shop for handling merger control and foreign investment review filings: a single, central point of contact, as well as a consistently high level of quality.


Merger control is critical to the success of any M&A transaction. Linklaters’ truly global team works with clients to devise their global merger control strategy. We combine commercial, legal, economic and often political considerations to maximise the chance of a successful outcome. We offer clients a one stop shop for handling merger control and foreign investment review filings: a single, central point of contact, as well as a consistently high level of quality.


Antitrust Investigations and Litigation

With our global footprint and on-the-ground experience in multiple jurisdictions our Antitrust & Foreign Investment team support clients through the broad spectrum of challenges that arise before, during and after an investigation into behavioural conduct issues.


Public procurement

Linklaters has extensive experience of advising on the application of the EU procurement Directives and the implementing regulations adopted in various Member States. We have been involved in many important projects for both private and public sector clients (including national governments), which have required a combination of detailed technical legal expertise, innovative thinking and commercial focus.


State Aid & Foreign Subsidies Regulation

In this evolving legal environment, companies with no previous (and often no foreseen) exposure to State aid issues are increasingly affected by the rules. Companies increasingly view State aid law as a powerful tool to challenge the legality of fiscal regimes and other State measures which favour their competitors. Our clients gain a competitive advantage from our wealth of experience in handling complex State aid cases.


The FSR builds on elements of State aid, merger control, foreign investment, public procurement, and trade defence. Our global team is one of the world’s leading practices across the spectrum of these matters and we have the skills, experience and bandwidth required to prepare your business. We advise on the most complex and strategic matters and have an award-winning reputation for innovation and excellence.


Economic & Utility Regulation

The team has advised on price controls, market access and liberalisation for utilities companies, as well as on the regulatory issues arising in the context of mergers and acquisitions and financing/restructuring transactions.


Digital Platform Regulation

Linklaters is at the forefront of advising on the emerging regulatory landscape for digital platforms including the EU Digital Markets Act and the UK’s Strategic Market Status Regime. We advise both regulated platforms and other stakeholders on opportunities and challenges arising from the evolving global regulatory environment. 


Our dawn raid app

Dawn raid app iconClick here to access the free, open access version of the Dawn Raid App. Get in touch with us to customise the Dawn Raid App to your organisation and access premium content.

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Tailored user experience

The app covers up to date rules for antitrust authorities in 11 jurisdictions around the globe, with guidance provided in 10 languages. Guidance, instructions and detailed checklists are tailored for users’ roles so each team member – from front of house to legal and IT - can easily work through the information they need in a simple, intuitive format. Our app capitalises on the dawn raid experiences and learnings of Linklaters’ experts worldwide to help your team manage a uniquely demanding crisis situation effectively and calmly – ensuring that everyone complies with their legal obligations.


The app can be used on both mobile devices and computers and features single-click access to our global 24/7 Dawn Raid Hotline.

Click here for instructions for saving the Dawn Raid app to your desktop / home page.


Our app can be customised for your organisation with premium legal content, including:

  • Loading hyperlinked contact details of your legal team into the app to allow your front of house team to directly call or email relevant documents to the lawyers;
  • Pre-loading your usual Linklaters antitrust contacts – putting you quickly in touch with our lawyers who know your business best;
  • Tailoring language and authority content so you have the most relevant material front and centre;
  • Additional premium content customised to your business - including IT protocols, senior management briefing packs, and PR materials;
  • Developing bespoke documentation for your organisation including employee alerts and draft press releases; and
  • Linking to existing software that your company uses, such as Microsoft Teams, allowing in-app functionality to keep your dawn raid response team connected throughout the inspection.

To discuss getting access to the premium version of the app, please reach out to your usual Linklaters contact, or contact

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