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Our holistic approach to ESG in France

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ESG in the broadest sense covers environmental, social and governance issues but consensus on details of the meaning can vary and public perceptions are changing rapidly.

Our ESG team in France has a robust understanding of the regulatory and policy drivers of the market and experience across a wide range of sectors and contexts. We take a holistic approach, covering a wide range of areas – from sustainable financing, transparency and disclosure, corporate governance, climate change and resource efficiency, and risk management more generally.

Discover our new podcast series hosted by our ESG experts at Linklaters.

Covering a range of topics on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, this series brings you insightful discussions and analysis on current market trends and legal issues surrounding ESG in business.

Join our experts for inspiring conversations and stay abreast of key developments shaping today's ESG landscape. 

Episode 1: EU GBS - EU Green Bond Regulation 

Experts: Véronique Delaittre and Bénédicte de Moras

This first episode in our series of podcasts dedicated to ESG presents the main features and calendar of the new European regulation on the European green bond label. Our Capital Markets lawyers, Véronique Delaittre, Partner, and Bénédicte de Moras, Senior Associate and Knowledge Manager, analyse the text for you in French language. 

Episode 2: Switching to Green - Risks and Opportunities in the Face of Competition Authorities

Experts: Charlotte Colin Dubuisson and Maëlys Duval

In this second episode of our podcast series dedicated to ESG, Charlotte Colin-Dubuisson, partner in Antitrust and Foreign Investment, and Maëlys Duval, associate, discuss the current developments in competition law related to sustainable development and environmental issues.
Episode 3: Decarbonisation of Infrastructures

Experts: Francois April and Pierre Sikorav

In this third episode of our podcast series dedicated to ESG, François April, partner in Financing, Energy and Infrastructure, and Pierre Sikorav, counsel, discuss the issues related to the decarbonisation of infrastructures. They address the various possible solutions to encourage the transition towards a low-carbon economy and their legal implications, as well as the new regulations that can help achieve this goal.

Episode 4: Six years of application of the French law on due diligence - lessons to be learned and future developments

Experts: Claudia Cavicchioli and Eléonore Hannezo

In this fourth episode, Claudia Cavicchioli and Eléonore Hannezo, Counsel in Litigation, Arbitration & Investigations, discuss the results and lessons to be learned from the last six years of application of the French law on the duty of vigilance.

Episode 5: The impact of ESG in the legal documentation of investment funds

Experts:  Leïla Megdoud and Emilie Rochat

In this fifth episode, Leïla Megdoud, Managing Associate in Investment Funds & Tax and Emilie Rochat, Associate in Banking and Financial Regulations discuss the impact of ESG on the legal documentation of investment funds.

Episode 6: The EU Pay Transparency Directive

Experts: Géric Clomes et Fériel Aliouchouche

In this sixth episode of our podcasts series dedicated to ESG, Géric Clomes, partner, and Fériel Aliouchouche, managing associate in the Paris Employment team analyse the European Pay Transparency Directive dated 10 May 2023, which aims to combat pay discrimination and close gender pay gaps in the EU, notably through pay transparency. 

Episode 7: How will ESG considerations shape the next wave of construction & infrastructure disputes?

Experts: Maria Mitaeva and Bart Fleuren

In this seventh episode, our global Litigation, Arbitration & Investigations lawyers, Maria Mitaeva, counsel in Paris and Bart Fleuren, counsel in Amsterdam, discuss how they expect developments in the field of ESG to impact the next wave of construction & infrastructure sector disputes.

Episode 8: Greenwashing in the financial sector

Experts: Emilie Rochat, Jihane Guyot and Claudia Cavicchioli 

In this eighth episode, Emilie Rochat and Jihane Guyot, associates in the Paris Financial Regulation team, along with Claudia Cavicchioli, counsel in the Paris Litigation team, explore a key and controversial concept of sustainable finance – the greenwashing. They discuss current regulatory and litigation trends, share their visions/insights on new regulation framework to limit the risk of greenwashing, and examine the risks and consequences of these controversial practices in the market.

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